ericbvolkman (at symbol)


Susquehanna University, 1988-1991
Course of study: History
Extracurricular activities: WQSU FM radio station, The Crusader school newspaper, Rugby team.

PCFE Film School (now Prague Film School), Summer 2005
Course of study: Film (screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing)


Extremely strong writing and editing ability.

Organizational person, good at corralling staff and arranging work. Excellent aptitude at prioritizing and apportioning jobs and meeting deadlines.

Valuable “idea man”; skilled at visualizing big picture.

Very, very, very worldly and well-rounded, having lived in Europe for more than a decade and traveled to over 30 countries. Good command of Czech language, beginner in German, French, Spanish and Portuguese and several flavors of Slavic (Serbian, Russian, Polish, etc.).

Intermediate ability in both offline and web design and publishing software, including DreamWeaver, WordPress, Adobe InDesign and Quark.